Europcar Announces Senior Executive Changes in the UK

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Europcar, Europe’s leading car rental company, announced today that Mark Cotterill has been promoted to Managing Director of Europcar Group UK. He succeeds John Leigh, who was named Chairman of Europcar UK Limited, the holding company for Europcar’s subsidiaries in the United Kingdom. Both appointments take effect on March 1, 2009.

Europcar and Solaris Mobile Preview a Prototype Car Equipped With Live Satellite TV Service at the 2009 Mobile World Congress

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For the first time, Europcar will be participating in the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest trade show for mobile communications. In association with Solaris Mobile, a joint venture of satellite operators Eutelsat and SES Astra, Europe’s leading car rental company will be presenting a prototype car featuring a high-speed onboard television. The official launch of this technology is scheduled for the end of March 2009.


By Europcar Communications

With rail fares going up by an average of 6% – with some lines rising by as much as 11%* – travellers’ pockets are being hit hard at a time when many are already feeling the pinch. Europcar, the UK’s leading car rental company, is advising disgruntled passengers and small businesses already under financial pressure, that there is a cheaper, more comfortable and convenient option when travelling – car rental. For example, 2 people travelling from Bristol to Edinburgh could save up to £233** on the price of a train fare, by opting to rent a car instead. (See cost comparison table below).

Pay as You Go Transport for Cash-Strapped Consumers

By Europcar Communications

With unemployment rates still on the rise and loans getting harder to obtain
Europcar, the UK’s leading vehicle rental company, is urging consumers to consider pay as you go transport such as car rental to help manage their outgoings.

Put Your Foot Down this Valentine

By Europcar Communications

Impress your partner this Valentine with a gift that’s less clichéd than dinner and a room for two in a posh hotel! Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year providing the perfect excuse to rent a prestige car from Europcar for the weekend to make your loved one’s heart race that bit faster. Europcar’s prestige cars range from the cool Mini Cooper S up to the seriously sexy Mercedes SLK and Porsche Boxster. With prices from just £99 for the weekend, make this Valentine one to remember!

SNOWBOUND Europcar Battles The Frrrrost

By Europcar Communications

The New Year doesn’t necessarily guarantee happy times for motorists and commuters as they go back to work, warns Europcar, the UK’s leading vehicle rental company. Train fares have increased by an average of 6% with some services going up by as much as 11%* and 5th January has been declared ‘breakdown day’** as sub-zero temperatures. This coupled with the fact that cars have been left on driveways over Christmas, means many people will have trouble starting their engines this week. With news of train delays, forecasts of snow, and cash-strapped consumers cutting back on maintaining their cars, Europcar is urging travelers to pay attention to its winter motoring advice and take advantage of car rental to get from A to B more safely.

Europcar and easyJet Offset the Carbon Footprint of easyJet Customer Rentals

By Europcar Communications

Europcar, the number one car rental company in Europe, and easyJet, Europe’s leading low-fares airline, today announced a special initiative to increase customers’ awareness about the benefits of offsetting carbon emissions. Under this action, all customers who book their vehicle rental through easyJet.com between December 19, 2008 and January 8, 2009 will have their carbon emissions offset by the two partner companies.

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